Porta-Bandeira & Mestre-Sala workshop

Porta-Bandeira and Mestre-Sala workshop

On behalf of the Harmonia I would like to announce that Ewa Lundin will be holding Porta-Bandeira and Mestre-Sala workshops on the following dates.

Friday    18th October 18:00pm - 20:00pm          Location: Musikens Hus, A Bunda's lokal

Sunday  3rd November 16:00pm - 17:00pm Location: Musikens Hus, Bönesalen

Friday 15th November 18:00pm - 20:00pm Location: Musikens Hus, A Bunda's lokal

These Porta-Bandeira and Mestre-Sala workshops will be taught at a beginner level concentrating on the techniques needed to dance and perform as a PB and MS. They are open to everyone in A Bunda whether you are a dancer, in the bateria, in the enredo group or a jester, everyone is welcome. In addition, anyone outside of A Bunda that would like to take part in these workshops and potentially dance as a PB or MS within A Bunda as a member of the school is also welcome to attend, therefore please share event information with anyone that maybe interested, including other forums.

What is a Porta-Bandeira and Mestre-Sala?

Click on the pictures below to magnify them.

Porta-Bandeira (she who carries the flag) display the flag of the school to the audience and the Mestre-Sala (literally, "The Master of the Room") pays tribute and draws attention to both the flag and the Porta-Bandeira. Together the Porta-Bandeira (PB) and Mestre-Sala (MS) perform the function of presenting the flag of a samba school during carnival parades and events.

The PB represents the soul and spirit of the school (like if she was mother nature). She needs to spread good energies throughout the school. Her dance is not a samba, but she spins and swirls her way ahead. The PB should learn to spin both ways without stopping within a choreography and displaying the flag. The more she spins the better it is.

The MS is there to guard and protect both the PB and the flag, he does this by dancing around her as she spins. They should both move very gracefully with synchronized movements in harmony with each other. All movements from the MS are to draw attention to both the flag and the PB. His movements are step combinations and should not include samba no pé. Before the PB and MS start or stop dancing they must present the flag to the audience. It is the MS role to hold the top outside corner of the flag so that it is visible to all during this time.

Both these roles are extremely important to samba schools in Brazil as these positions have their own category in the judging criteria of the parade, making these two dancers the most valuable people in the whole parade.
Please see the below example of a fantastic PB and MS during the carnival parade in Rio.


Ewa Lundin Biography Click on the pictures below to magnify them.

Ewa wa started her samba career by dancing Porta Bandeira in Berlin in 1997 when A Bunda travelled to Samba syndrome.
Since then, Ewa has danced Samba and Afrobrasilian dances with ABunda, Bafo do Mundo (Copenhagen), Carioca (Copenhagen) and G.R.E.S Uniao Do Parque Curicica (Rio de Janeiro).

From an early age Ewa learnt the basics of ballet and jazz and at the age of 12 she won a dance competition and since then she loves to perform in front of an audience. Ewa started teaching in 2001 and has been a dance leader for A Bunda and Bafo du Mundo. She has been a teacher at the cultural school and taught in Samba and Afro brasilian dances in many study associations.

Ewa has travelled several times to both Rio and Salvador where she attend dance workshops and danced in the carnival parade as a passista and destaque on a carriage in Rio with Curicica as well as with Cortejo Afro and Malé de Balé in Salvador.

What to wear to the workshop?
Please wear appropriate training wear and dance shoes or socks that help you to turn easily. For everyone learning to dance the PB position please bring a flowing skirt to the workshop with you, flags will be provided.
If you have any questions please ask the Harmonia or myself.

//Angela Kwakwa de Sousa e Brito

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