A Bunda is one of the oldest, largest and most vital samba schools in Europe. We have been performing at carnivals and festivals in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France and Italy since 1984, and many of our more than 100 members have played or danced with groups at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. 


If you join A Bunda you will have the chance to play or dance authentic Brazilian-style Carnival Samba at the highest professional level available in Europe.

If you hire us for a parade, stage show or other type of performance we will add colour, energy and enthusiasm to any kind of event.





Missa inte årets Karnevalfest!!

Nu är biljettförsäljningen igång! Fixa din biljett och börja tänk på karnevalskostymen! :D

Pris för förköp: 
140 kr


Posted by Fressia Merino Espinosa, February 13, 2018

Porta-Bandeira & Mestre-Sala workshop

Hello everyone!

On behalf of the Harmonia I would like to announce that Ewa Lundin will be holding Porta-Bandeira and Mestre-Sala workshops on the following dates.

Sunday 25th February 17.00 pm - 6.00pm

Sunday 25th March 17.00 pm -18.00pm

Location: Musikens Hus, Bönesalen

These Porta-Bandeira and Mestre-Sala workshops will be taught at a beginner level concentrating on the techniques needed to dance and perform as a PB and MS. They are open to everyone in A Bunda whether you are a dancer, in the bateria, in the enredo group or a jester, everyone is welcome. In addition, anyone outside of A Bunda that would like to take part in these workshops and potentially dance as a PB or MS within A Bunda as a member of the school is also welcome to attend, therefore please share event information with anyone that maybe interested, including other forums.

For more info --> PB & MS workshop

//Angela, Dance representative of the Harmonia

Posted by Fressia Merino Espinosa, February 5, 2018

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 About A Bunda

We are a non-profitable cultural association based in Gothenburg, with over 100 members. Samba and afro-brazilian dance and beats are the way we share our love for art. 

See one of our shows and we promise you will be back for more.

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manager@abunda.se ,
0725-15 97 32

Do you want to PLAY DRUMS? 

0736-22 23 18

(available from 5 pm)

Do you want to DANCE with us?   0703-45 56 98

E-mail: info@abunda.se
Bankgiro: 5214-8368

Visiting address:
Musikens Hus
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414 63 Göteborg

(Sundays 5.00 - 7.00 pm)

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